Our Services

Learner Development & Training
At JB Education, we believe that everyone deserves quality education. We aim to obtain an understanding of where learners are academically at, to revise, re-visit and explain the topics according to the CAPS syllabus and the Pace Setter program of respective provinces as provided by the Department of Basic Education.

Our highly qualified and experienced team knows exactly where to focus their training to make sure learners achieve excellent results. We understand the frustrations that learners experience and we know which areas require the most guidance and development for improvement. We provide learners with world-class material and solutions to improve their focus and to empower them to study at home.

Our learner programs have been very successful and in some cases we have achieved a 400% improvement in year-end results. Through our learner programs we have assisted in improving the results of more than 50 000 learners across South Africa to date.
Focusing on learners will not only help them achieve good results, but it also eases the load of the teacher. Helping our learners to achieve better results is essential, as we all need to work together to create a better livelihood for future generations to come.


Teacher development program
We are passionate about teaching and therefore – teachers. Our unique approach to the training of teachers is what started JB Education and established the brand as one of the leading service providers in the country. Through our custom designed training and knowledge sharing we provide support to teachers and equip them to become subject matter experts.

We aim to provide them with the correct tools and expert guidance, which will give them the knowledge and confidence to teach difficult topics in order for their learners to understand and grasp difficult subjects. We also assist teachers in planning their teaching year according to the Pace Setter program in order to finish the syllabus in time.

Through training and support we guide teachers to become better and more efficient teachers. We show them how they can motivate and inspire learners even whilst working under difficult conditions, and most importantly we show them how to become the best teachers they can who ultimately obtain better results and pass rates.


School Management Coaching
The management of schools has a major impact on the school’s performance. For this reason, JB Education has developed and successfully implemented a hands-on coaching program for School Management Teams (SMT’s).

The coaching process enables principals and their management teams to manage their schools more professionally and efficiently. As a result learner and teacher performance improves, results improve and all stakeholders are proud of their school. When a school achieves excellent results, it has a positively impact on the entire community.